Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

What are the Terms & Condition of Lease agreements?

Lease agreements in Bahrain are usually made for a term of one year with or without an option to renew. Most cases ‘Diplomatic Clause’ included in the lease, in case you are required to leave Kingdom of Bahrain, you may give one month’s notice at any time (refer lease terms), with a documentary evidence of happenings.  In case of renewal or termination on expiry, one month notice is required (refer lease terms).  The lease usually starts within 2-4 weeks of signing an agreement. The tenant is required to pay 3 month’s rent in advance and after that payments can be made monthly or quarterly in advance as per agreement terms. Some landlords may ask for one month rent as security deposit, which is refundable at the end of the tenancy.

Who is responsible for paying Utilities and Municipality Taxes?

Usually fully furnished properties, the rent includes the municipality tax, electricity & water. In case of fully furnished apartments, mostly the rent includes municipality tax, electricity, water, ADSL internet, satellite channels and some landlords may also include housekeeping service.

For semi-furnished or unfurnished properties the rent mostly is exclusive of municipality tax (which is 10% of the monthly rent) (7.5% for furnished property), electricity and water etc. If this is tenant’s responsibility, you can register utility account with Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) on producing of signed tenancy agreement and required documents, local bank account is a mandatory for direct debit of utilty bill.

Who will provide Maintenance and Repairs?

In Bahrain usually maintenance and repairs are provided by landlord. When you move into a property the contact numbers are provided for maintenance or repairs.

Who is resposible for paying Agency Fees?

In Bahrain usually the agency fees is paid by landlord. In case of purchasing a property, buyer and seller has to pay 1% of the property cost as agency fee.

Who can Own Property in Bahrain ?

Bahrainis, Bahraini companies and GCC nationals are allowed to buy Properties allover Bahrain. Whereas few areas in Bahrain are classified as “Freehold” and are permitted to buy  / sale  to any nationals / companies.


Under the freehold law, the owner of the freehold property enjoys a self sponsored Residence Permit for life, renewable every 5 years. This will allows the property owner to sponsor Residence Permit for his spouse and children (less than 18yrs) provided, they not engage in an employment.


The Residence Permit allows both the property owner and his wife the privilege of entering and leaving the country without having to procure a return visa. Residency / Visa allocation are subject to prevailing laws in Bahrain.


What are the Procedures hiring our Realtor?

Clients may go through the available properties published on our website or send your property requirement to us. Receipt of your enquiry, our Realtor will contact you to arrange the viewing of potential properties as per your convenience. Upon finalising a property, you may please inform your intention to the Realtor, so that  our Realtor will start proceeding with agreement formalities.


Please note, in case you want to visit the property after the first visit, you may inform your intention to our Realtor to arrange the viewings. Any direct visit to the property introduced by us or contacting its landlords / managing companies is prohibited and against real estate laws of Bahrain.